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Tombstone Names

Laurence McGowan writes:

I have a list of all the names inscribed on tombstones in St Mary’s churchyard courtesy of the Wiltshire Family History Society e-mail 

Remember that until recently tombstones marking graves were the exception, not the rule. Most burials were marked with simple wooden crosses, long since rotted away. Apart from being only affordable by the well -to-do, more important war work meant that tombstones were unavailable during both World Wars . So, an absence of tombstone inscriptions does not mean your ancestors didn’t live and die here.

Lane Family

Steve Lane  writes:

It appears my family were living in Collingbourne Ducis and Collngbourne Kingston from around the beginning of the 18th century and I have tracked them all the way back to 1735, which is pretty impressive! However, I have now drawn a blank.

..Anyway, what I have so far:

Benjamin Bryce

  • Birth 1735 in Wiltshire County
  • Death 1826 in Collingbourne Ducis
  • Marriage circa 26 November 1757 to unknown

Elizabeth Blackmore

  • Birth 1735 in Collingbourne Ducis
  • Death 1826 in Collingbourne Ducis

Anne Brice (Anne is believed to be the only child of Benjamin Bryce and Elizabeth Blackmore

  • Birth 1757 in Collingbourne Kingston
  • Marriage to Thomas Lane circa 9 December 1784
  • Death October 1850 in Pewsey

Thomas Lane

  • Birth 1753 in Collingbourne Kingston
  • Marriage to Anne Brice circa 9 December 1784
  • Death unknown

Thomas and Anne Lane had four children of which John Lane is the direct ancester of Steve Lane

  • John Lane
  • Birth 1791 in Thruxton, Hampshire
  • Marriage to Sarah Crouch on 21 November 1816
  • Death November 1868 in Collingbourne Kingston

Sarah Crouch

  • Birth 1799 in Upavon, Wiltshire
  • Marriage to John Lane on 21 November 1816
  • Death November 1882 in Collingbourne Kingston

John Lane and Sarah Crouch had twelve children in the early 1800s and many of them seemed to have stayed in the area. Steve would be grateful for any information on the Lane’s descendents or ancestors.

Cully/Culley Family

David E Culley (contact details available from the CK Webmaster) writes:

I have traced my paternal family without problem to 1715 to a Thomas Cully who was christened on the 21,8,1715 at Collingbourne Kingston. The parent’s name was recorded just as Cully – a female (Mother presumably). Thomas was eventually married to Elizabeth Turner at Shalbourne on 30 December 1742.
Before this, and all at Collingbourne Kingston, I find these following records. A Thomas Cully being christened on 30.5.1691 with the parent being shown again as ‘Cully’. Also in 1680 (no date), a Thomas Cully being christened with the parent as John Cully. And finally, in 1666 a Thomas Cully being christened (no date) with parent given again as John Culley.

Does anyone have any more detailed records of the three christenings that would show a positive link between these events and possibly any marriage records?
By 1760, the family appears to have moved to Collingbourne Ducis as an undated christening is recorded with John and Miriam Cully shown as the parents.

From 1066 forward, I can trace through a Robert Bordet, Lord of Cuilly – a small town in Normandy, France, a link in his family to the reign of Richard II (1377-1399). I am sure that my family descended from the ‘retainers’ who came came from France in 1066 rather than the nobility !! However, to be able to link the missing 300 odd years from Ratcliffe-Cuilly, Leistershire to Wiltshire would be very satisfying.

Tuck family

Reg Tuck (contact details available from the CK Webmaster) writes:

I am trying to find any information I can about my ancestors, who were born in Collingbourne. My great grandfather was Thomas Tuck and he spent the latter part of his life in London, but was born to William and Eliza who lived in Collingbourne. If you could provide any help I would be most grateful.

Johnson Family

John McConville from New Zealand (contact details available from the CK Webmaster) writes:

I am a 4th generation New Zealander endeavoring to trace my ancestry, family name Johnson, several of whom were born and died at Collingbourne Kingston.

The information I have accumulated includes:

      • John Johnson buried CK 12/9/1888; moved to Collingbourne 30/9/1839 as Captain and Adjutant of the Royal Wiltshire Regiment of Yeomanry Calvary
      • Anna Catherine Johnson buried CK 26/7/1840, wife of above
      • Children of above, all born in Collingbourne Kingston on the following dates:

    Charles Frederick 26/7/1840

    • Isha? Amory? 9/9/1841
    • Anna Catherine 1/6/1843
    • George Cunninghamme 12/6/1845
      • John Johnson was previously married to Sarah Collinson who died in child birth 12/6/1845
      • The birth dates of the children of this marriage, some of whom may be buried at CK, are:

    John 8/1/1823

    • Jane 21/10/1824
    • Margaret 3/11/1826
    • Emma 11/7/1827
    • William James 11/11/1828
    • Robert Hilton 31/12/1829
    • Sara Francis 3/3/1831
    • Emmelia Carrington 3/10/1832
    • George Augustus 12/6/1835 (still born)

Any further information would be gratefully received

Gale Family

Dave Laskey, Darlings Island, NB, Canada  writes:

I am searching for some information about my great-grandmother, Amelia Ann Gale, and her ancestors. What little I know of her origin is as follows:

She was apparently born in Collingbourne Kingston on 1 August 1844 and I have a copy of the registration of her birth from the GRO. Her father’s name was John Gale and her mother’s name was Elizabeth (Showel) Gale.

I have not been able to definitively identify her in the 1851 British census nor the 1861 census. However, my search has not been exhaustive.

By 1864 she was in New Brunswick, Canada, married to my great-grandfather, Enoch Leaman. I have not been able to determine when she immigrated to Canada and could not identify her in the 1861 New Brunswick census. If I could find her in the 1861 British census then I would have a relatively narrow time frame for her departure from England.

The certificate from the GRO shows that John Gale was a labourer. Elizabeth (Showel) Gale made her mark on the registration of birth and was, presumably, illiterate. While John and Elizabeth were living in Collingbourne Kingston at the time of Amelia Ann’s birth, there is no way of knowing whether this was their ancestral home.

If you have any information about John Gale or Elizabeth (Showel) Gale or if you can provide some hints on where to look for such information, please contact me by e-mail.

Bryan Family

Christopher Stevens, Norwich (contact details available from the CK Webmaster) writes:

I am a Great-Grandson of Richard “Dickie” Bryan and Daisy Bryan, who lived in Collingbourne Kingston for many years. My mother Pamela Stevens (nee Bryan) lived and was brought up by them in her early years, with her parents Iris Purdue (nee Bryan) and Leslie Purdue away because of WW2.

I know very little about the Bryans but have a few photographs and stories that my mother remembers. Dickie was Lieutenant of the local Home Guard in WW2 and I believe was in the Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry in WW1, possibly fighting at the Somme. He started a bicycle repair shop which evolved into Hillview Garage and my parents Harold and Pamela Stevens lived with them for a time in the 1950s as Daisy became ill. He was also good with radios and electronics and charged up accumulators I understand.

I have attached a few photos and would be really pleased if anyone has any stories to share about my family with me so that I can pass these on to my two young children. We are also trying to find out more about a friend of my late Grandmother Iris Purdue (nee Bryan) who she met a few years before WW2. He was a soldier, possibly a Captain, stationed at Tidworth called George William Reginald Williams, and they met at Tidworth House where Iris worked.

The pictures from left to right: Dick and Daisy Bryan 1955; Hillview Garage; Iris Mary Purdue; R F Bryan in his Homeguard uniform.

Scarlett Family

Valerie Allred nee Scarlett (contact details available from the CK Webmaster) writes:

I am researching the Scarlett family, I have census, birth and death records, that show them living in and around the Collingbourne kingston area. Any information would be gratefully received.

Gwynne, Fisher and Palmer Families

Maria Rostock, S Wales  writes:

I am trying to find when my Great Grandmother Mary Jane Palmer Nee Fisher Died. Mary Jane was married to Frederick Palmer and they lived in Collingbourne all their lives, Mary Jane was born in 1854 and I know Frederick died in 1923 but I cannot find the death of Great Gran. Any help greatly appreciated.

South View

Jim Fisher, Glannagh Ballinalee, Co Longford, Ireland (contact details available from the CK Webmaster) writes:

I was browsing your website recently and came across the letter below [from Jane Whistler]. I lived at No 1 South View from 1956 until 1975 with my parents, Albert and Stella Fisher, and I well remember the folk at No 6. Maggie Bell nee Gibbons still lives there. I remember Maggie’s grandfather, a Mr Ward, (I never knew his christian name) and he kept a lovely brindle greyhound by the name of Jill and a snappy terier that I thikn was a Manchester. I knew Maggie’s mother better. Like Maggie, she was a very kind lady but would tell you exactly what she thought; a rare virtue these days. Maggie’s Uncle Dick also lived there. I knew Dick very well; a fine gardener and a very wise man who could bring you to an instant halt in any argument with a few well chosen words and indeed made me look the fool that I was on many an occasion.

As we lived at No 1 and the Perry’s at No 2, I also knew all of them as I knew all of teh folk in the photo that Jane speaks of. I canm remember a family of Whistlers in the Village. It may have been Jane’s faterh that I think worked on Curnick’s farm at Southgrove and possibly for a time on Crook’s farm in the Village.

Ward and Gibbons Families

Jane Whistler (contact details available from the CK Webmaster) writes:

I am trying to trace my family history and two weeks ago went to Collingbourne Kingston church to see if I could trace any of my ancestors. While there I spoke to a really kind lady who not only helped me trace my great grandparents and a uncle, but also told me about your web site. On arriving home I went on your web site and on reading the letters I found that Olive Bishop’s class photo included my mother at about 11 years old. My great grandparents lived at 6 South View Brunton, and my grandmother moved to this address after her mother died, in later years my aunt Margaret also lived there. My mother died 15 years ago, so I am finding it very difficult to trace my family tree on her side. If anyone could help with any information I would be most grateful. The names of my great grandparents were Ward and my grandmother’s married name was Gibbons.

Hendy Family

Adam Carew (contact details available from the CK Webmaster) writes:

I am looking for any historical references to my ancestors on my maternal side in the village of Collingbourne Kingston. The family name here is Hendy. The family names on my maternal grandmother’s side are Sheppard and Parsons connected to nearby Kimpton and the Wallops we also have Holdaways at Fyfield, and Randalls slightly further a field at Vernham Dean going back as far as the early 16th Century.

I wonder if you know of any historical connections, references to the Hendy family in the village ideally with connections to any of the other names mentioned. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Smith Family

Jackie Walder, Rainham (contact details available from the CK Webmaster) writes:

I am trying to find out anything about a local family My late husband 6 x gt.Grandmother married on 25th December 1772 in Collingbourne-Kingston, her H husband (not very helpfully was called John Smith) and her maiden name was Repentance Obriant. One of her children was called Kerem Happuch /Kerenhapuch Smith born 20th October 1782 to Repentance and John Smith living at Milton Lodge I have no idea where Milton Lodge would be Her daughter Kesiah Smith born 1780 in Eversleigh married James Jenkins at St Mary’s Portsea, Hampshire in 1814.He came from Gurnard on the Isle of Wight where he took his bride to live .She lived to the age of 90 dying in 1870.I live in Kent and have never been to Wiltshire Is there still a church there that would have been there in the late 1700s.Repentance Smith died on 26th February 1795 and is buried at St Peters, Eversleigh which I believe is not that far from Collingbourne-Kingston .I love the name Repentance and wonder where it would have originated from also her daughters names are quite unusual.Any local family history buffs in your village .If so I can do a scout around if you have any Kent relatives as I live just outside Sittingbourne in north Kent.

Would be grateful for anything at all to do with the area as I can find so little information at the moment.

Tuck Family

Alan Tuck (contact details available from the CK Webmaster) writes:

I am researching my family history and have discovered that my ‘Tuck’ ancestors were living in the Village from 1775 to at least 1901, and briefly I list them below.

  • William Tuck born ca 1750 married a Mary Cook born ca 1756 Married in the parish church 1775.
  • Stephen Tuck their son, born 1775 married a Jane Pet, born 1777 Married in the parish church 1804.
  • William Tuck their son, born 1809 married an Elizabeth Dowse, born 1813,Married in the parish church,1830.
  • Thomas Tuck their son, born 1831, married an Eliza Butcher, born 1840, in the parish church, Clapham, Surrey, 1859.
  • Thomas was my Gt Grandfather, and a farm labourer, who probably moved away because of the mechanizing of farms.

Although I realize it’s very long odds, I wonder if any of the present residents recognize the names or have connection with them.

Another area that is of interest is whether any of these names are mentioned in house deeds. The census returns taken from 1841 onwards never list house/ cottage numbers as postal addresses are a fairly modern concept. I know for example that Eliza lived in Church St prior to her marriage, but which cottage and does it still exist?

Tuck Family

Stephen Tuck (contact details available from the CK Webmaster) writes:

I have recently started compiling my family tree and as my father was born in Ipswich in Suffolk I had always assumed our family originated in that part of the country however that isn’t the case, our family tree “roots” are most firmly planted in both Collingbourne Kingston and Ducis at least back to the 1700. I managed to visit the beautiful St Mary’s Church on a too brief “flying visit” to Wiltshire during the summer and took photograph’s of the World War 1 Roll of Honour, Old Scholars memorial plaque from the school house with W. Tuck (Wilts Regt.) on it and also another plaque with the name H.W.Tuck, are these both the same man? I also photographed the War memorial which only bears the 1 name Herbert W. Tuck. I would be most grateful for any information on this and in fact on anything to do with the Tuck’s no matter how small.

Knight Family

Kevin Knight  writes:

I write in the hope that somebody may be able to assist me with some of my family history, with particular reference to one of the church bells at St Mary’s church.

According to the information you have provided on this excellent website, the tenor bell at the church has an inscription around the top of the bell that includes the surname Knight.

Since my Great Grandfather and his parents lived in Collingbourne Kingston for the majority of their lives, and my ancestors prior to that lived in Figheldean, Wiltshire, I am extremely keen to find out as much as possible about the bell in the hope that my ancestral relatives may be involved in the aquisition or manufacture of the bell.

I would also be keen to hear from anybody who can assist me generally with my research into the Knight family in Collingbourne Kingston during the late 1800s/early 1900s.